For Valve Sizing Calculation & Valve Selection Support:
For Program Installation and Technical IT Support:
  • If your issue is not covered under troubleshooting or FAQ you can also:
  • Submit problems, comments, or suggestions via the “Send Us Feedback” function in the program. (Fastest Service)
  • Contact [email protected]
  • Please provide screen shots of all input values leading up to your issue. Also, please provide which version you are currently using.

Other inquiries can be directed to the Emerson Automation Solutions Stafford facility:
3950 Greenbriar
Stafford, TX 77477

PRV2SIZE Installation Issues

  1. I'm getting an error installing the PRV2SIZE software. What should I do?

    Answer:  Check the Troubleshooting page for possible solutions. If you can't fix the problem with the troubleshooting guide, enable the installer logging and re-run the installation with logging to generate a log file. Contact Us and provide the log file for analysis. A ticket will be created so that we track the issue.

  2. How do I enable the installer logging feature?

    Answer:  Logging is not enabled by default. To turn on logging during installation, run setup.exe with the /L*V "filename" command line.  To open a command line click on the Windows "Start" button, select "Run", type "cmd" and click "OK".  You can also chose from the Start menu under "Start -- All Programs -- Accessories -- Command Prompt". 

    "C:\{Path to PRV2SIZE installation files}\Setup.exe" /L*V "install.log"

    Example with default path provided:

    Or the MSI file by itself:

    msiexec /i "C:\{Path to PRV2SIZE installation files}\PRV2SIZE.msi" /L*V "install.log"

    Example with default path provided:

    If you installed the program in the default director and used one of the above examples, the install log file will be located at:
    C:\Program Files\Emerson\PRV2SIZE\install.log

    Then the install.log file would be created next to the installation files in the same directory as the path to the program.  For more help enabling installation logging, contact your local IT department.

Tag Questions

  1. Do I have to save and close a tag before starting to work on another tag?

    Answer: Multiple tags can be open at the same time and tags can be saved at any point in the workflow (calculation type, sizing & selection, configuration, reports). You can toggle between open tags by using the tabs on the left side of the program..

  2. Where are my tags stored?

    Answer: Tags are stored on your computer’s local hard drive. The default filepath is C:\Program Files\Tyco Flow Control\PRV2SIZE\Data. You can see this filepath by selecting HELP > UTILITIES > Show Program Data Folders… from the header menu. Currently the PRV2SIZE program does not have networking capability. When this functionality is launched, it will be possible to save your tags on a shared SQL server site.

  3. Why aren’t the default units in my tags changing when I change the global defaults or the project defaults?

    Answer: When you change the default unit settings in the global preferences, all new tags will use those default units. Any tags that were previously created will retain their old unit settings. When you change the default unit settings in the project preferences, all new tags in that project folder will use those default settings. Any tags that were previously created in that project folder will retain their old unit settings.

Questions about Program Features

  1. Is there a network version of the program available?
    How do I get the program set up on a network?
    What kind of networking capability does this program have?

    Answer: The PRV2SIZE software does not have this functionality at this time. This functionality is on the short list for future enhancements..

  2. Is the application available in any other language besides English?

    Answer: PRV2SIZE has initially been written in English. A mechanism is in place that will allow the program to be made available in other languages. There are no established dates for making the program available in other languages.

Program and Website Questions

  1. Why is there an expiration date on the program?

    Answer:The PRV2SIZE software will continue to undergo development and continual improvement, and it is the desire of Emerson that the user base run a current version of the program. Emerson will regularly release fixes and upgrades to the program based on user feedback. Any program update will also extend the expiration date for the program. When the program on your machine gets within 30 days of the expiration date, a popup window will remind you to update your program every time you launch the software.

  2. How do I update the program?

    Answer:You can update the program by going to the website and downloading the updated version of the program. At this time, you must re-install the entire program (instead of just installing a patch) when we have updates. The installer file will uninstall the previous version of the program for you.

  3. I see the program update notice, but I do not see an update “patch” file on the website. Why is this happening?

    Answer:At this time, you must re-install the entire program (instead of just installing a patch) when we have updates. The installer file will uninstall the previous version of the program for you.

  4. Why can’t I gain access to the sizing website?

    Answer:If you are a Emerson employee, you must click on the link (embedded in the LOGIN page) that says Emerson Employees Click Here to Login. You will be logged into the site at that point. You must either be connected to the network at work or logged in via VPN if you are remote. If you are not a Emerson employee, you must have an account and be logged into that account to gain access to certain features.

  5. What is Obsidian.exe?

    Answer:The main program executable file for PRV2SIZE is named OBISIDIAN.EXE. You will see this name in the folder where the program has been installed and you will see it on the “Processes” tab under the Windows Task Manager.